• To Peace-lovers

    Welcome all peace-lover here, wishing all species coexistence peacefully on this planet.  We are here to express our gratitude of behalf of our animal friends that you are respecting them not limited to parents, children, friends, fellow life.  Let the earth be peaceful paradise.

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Friday 24 Feb 2017
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Hong Kong Vegan Association

Go Green Be Vegan

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A 100% vegetarian or vegan (pronounced VEE-gan) is someone choosing a lifestyle free from animal products for the benefit of people, animals and the environment. They eat a plant-based diet free from all animal products. Many choose not to wear leather, wool, or silk. This can also be called a Herbivorous / Pythagorean diet.
Mostly Vegetarian Diet - a term used by those who wish to reduce the amount of animal products which they consume. People may start by removing all red meats from their diet believing them to be the most injurious 'foods' for the human body. Then they may gradually remove dairy, eggs, poultry and fish. Those who continue their journeys will eventually get to the stage where they are eating only plant-based foods. 

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