Monday 29 May 2017
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Hong Kong Vegan Association

Go Green Be Vegan

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Meat Free Hong Kong



Join our Meat Free Monday Gatherings in Hong Kong


Support "Hong Kong Meatfree Mondays" to Help curb climate change by having at least one meat free day a week

Did you know, an animal-free diet produces at least 87% less greenhouse gas emissions than the averge meat diet. Does it make sense to subsidize something that simply isn’t sustainable? The following points are in the petitions but basically a veggie diet can: (a) end world hunger due to livestock production’s inefficient use of: water, grain, and soy thus causing water/food shortages - not to mention the inefficiencies in electricity and petroleum usage; (b) prevent: deforestation; soil degradation; oceanic dead zones; air and water pollution; climate change; (c) dramatically reduce health care costs (just go to a hospital and ask who there is a vegetarian - better yet vegan); (d) and the list goes on. 


Starting from 23 November 2009. We will have Meat-Out Gatherings every Monday night (approx. times 19:30 to 21:30) at various locations in Hong Kong. 

All dishes ordered for sharing will be 100% herbivorous / vegan. 

We welcome all to join us by RSVP to the event at the: -

Meat Free Hong Kong Meetup Group


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